Non-Custodial Wallet






Solana Saga Mobile Phone

Solana Saga Phone - Bridging The Gap Between Web3 And Mobile Devices

The Saga Phone will change the mobile phone industry with decentralized blockchain technology.


Solana SPL Tokens

Solana SPL Token Beginner's Guide

Learn how Solana SPL tokens help enrich the Solana NFT and DeFi ecosystem


Solana Pay

Guide to Solana Pay - A Blockchain Digital Payments Framework

Solana Pay offers businesses and consumers a cheap and fast way to send and receive payments.


Degen Coin Flip coins

Guide to Degen Coin Flip - A Popular Solana Game

Degen Coin Flip has quickly become one of the favorite Solana on-chain games.


Alchemy announcement of support for Solana Services

How To Setup An Alchemy Solana RPC Endpoint For Your Dapp

Alchemy offers one of the most reliable Solana RPC services. Get started for free in less than five minutes.


Crypto hacker sitting in front of computer screen

Overview Of The Slope Solana Wallet Hack In August 2022

Learn how attackers hacked more than 8,000 Solana wallets for millions of dollars.


Solana tokens over sky backdrop to represent mapping .sol domains

Easy Guide To Buy And Use Solana .sol Domains

Learn how to use Solana .sol domains. Setup your own .sol domain in less than five minutes.


Financial panic

List Of Crypto Custodians Who Have Frozen Customer Withdrawals

Crypto custodians have a history of freezing customer funds, often resulting in loss of capital.


Sample scam Solana NFT

How To Protect Your Solana Wallet From Scam NFTs And Tokens

Over the past year many new NFT and token scams have targeted Solana wallets with high balances and valuable NFTs.


Music Concert

How Solana And NFT Music Will Disrupt The Entertainment Industry

Solana Music NFTs will enable independent musicians to earn more and connect with fans.


NYC building for sale as real estate NFT on OpenSea

OpenSea Lists Real Estate NFT For 15,000 ETH / $27 Million

A seven story building located in the Flatiron District recently hit the market


Storms over a city

What Caused The Solana Network To Halt In June 2022?

The downtime was caused by a single misconfigured durable nonce transaction.


Secure castle on a mountain

How To Protect Your Solana Non-Custodial Crypto Wallet From Getting Hacked

Learn tips to keep your Solana crypto account secure.


Ledger Nano S, Ledger Nano S Plus, and Ledger Nano X hardware wallets

Guide To Using Ledger Hardware Wallets On Solana

You can use Ledger hardware wallets with Avana Wallet and Solana to collect NFTs, stake SOL and much more.


Real life candy machine

Easy Guide To Mint Solana NFTs Using Candy Machine V2

Candy Machine is a helpful tool developed by Metaplex to streamline minting NFTs on Solana


Magic Eden logo and several NFT collections listed at Magic Eden

Magic Eden Tops NFT Marketplace Leaderboard For First Time Ever

The fast-growing Solana NFT marketplace has quickly become a favorite for NFT collectors and creators


Solana logo over growing Solana SOL coins stack

How Many Solana SOL Coins Are There In Circulation?

Learn more about Solana SOL token supply, inflation outlook, and token ownership distribution.


Avana Wallet app showing Marinade liquid staking integration

Learn How Staking And Liquid Staking Works On Solana

Earn passive income on your Solana SOL with staking and liquid staking.


Solana logo over beach

Watch The Spectacular Solana Sunrise On The Horizon

Solana is one of the best-positioned blockchains in the coming years with the rise of GameFi and DeFi apps.


Solana Gaming Ecosystem Space Falcon Cover

What Is Solana GameFi? A Guide To Blockchain Gaming

GameFi is expected to be one of the fastest growing Web3 sectors through 2025


Solana Logo and Solana Beach, California

What Is Solana? A Comprehensive Look At An Impressive Blockchain

Discover why Solana is among the best performing cryptos since its 2020 launch


Keys on table

Understanding Solana Non-Custodial Wallet Concepts And Benefits

Learn what makes non-custodial wallets different from custodial wallets


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