Below is a list highlighting certain items from our policies. This summary list is not meant to be comprehensive or take priority over the full documents, so please refer to the full documents for all final interpretation. You are always welcome to contact us if you have questions or require additional clarification.


  • Our Company is Avana Wallet LLC, and we are incorporated in Delaware, US.

  • We provide our services to all persons around the world wherever legally possible. Our wallet is non-custodial, which means you always retain full ownership and control over your accounts. In the event you lose access to our services due to regulatory changes, you will still retain full access and control of your crypto accounts and private keys.

  • We do not track transaction activity, but authorities and crypto exchanges do. Third parties may flag certain accounts to us. We will review these cases individually, and we may determine that these accounts can no longer access Avana Wallet services if they are linked to illegal or suspicious activities.

Privacy & Data

  • We focus on privacy, security, and a great user experience. Our development team has designed the application to maximize all aspects for you.

  • We do not sell our data to third parties.

  • We collect data regarding application usage to improve our services. The data are aggregated and anonymous. This practice is fairly common, and the data are used to identify trends and issues.

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